Ordinals is Dope the OG Stoner fam on BTC Ordinals

Our Digital Artifacts

Spliffy Sub 1 Million Collection

Spliffy is the OG Collection of Ordinals is Dope! Sub 1 million collection (all inscriptions # are < 1,000,000)

Launched in March we sold out 420 Spliffy in 5 days and now Spliffy is listed on all Ordinals Secondaries Markets!

Leafy sub 10 millions Collection

Leafy is our Second Collection at Ordinals is Dope
420 Leafy always with munchies

Jointy is our Third Collection at Ordinals is Dope
420 Jointy
Date TBC

Our BRC-20 Token

Our BRC-20 Token is $PUFF the only token which is always HIGH!
Supply: 42,000,000
Deployed with inscription #728495

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