Ordinals is Dope NFT Collection

Ordinals is Dope is our In-House NFT Collection!

Featuring 3 Characters, this collection has been made by Stoners for the Stonerz on Ordinals!

We have decided to split the collection in 3 Mints (420 each – you can guess why?!?)

First one will be Free Mint

Meet below our Characters!


Spliffy – Sold out

Spliffy is the biggest stoner of our collection!

Passionate about Bitcoin and smoking weed!

Hobbies: Crypto Trading and grinding on Ordinals NFTs!

Special items are: Spliff, Pipe, Bong, Bitcoin

Leafy – Coming Next

Leafy is the sweet-toothed of the collection!

Passionate about Weed cuisine

Hobbies: Getting munchies after smoking weed!

Special Items: Chocolate bar, Cookies, Muffin, Pizza



Jointy – Coming Next

Jointy is the organizer and always prepared Leaf of the collection!

Passionate about Strategy and Fashion

Hobbies: Relaxing on the sofa and smoking fat blunts

Special Items: Grinder, Rolling Paper, Lighter, Collyrium

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