Bet $PUFF Win $PUFF, $BTC & $NFTs!

What is a $PUFF Contest?

In order to give some use case to our BRC-20 Token $PUFF, we have introduced some contest!
Users will be able to submit their picks for Sports Events (such as NBA,NFL,MLB,Soccer and many more) and compete against each other for winning prizes such as BTC, $PUFF and Artifacts/NFTs.

Each user can get only 1 entry per contest! No multiple submissions are allowed!

How much it cost?

At the moment, Fee to enter each contest is 10,420$PUFF Amount could be changed later on based on the value of the $PUFF BRC-20

How can I join $PUFF Contest?

In order to join $PUFF contest please send 10,420 $PUFF to bc1px8kxdmvt34sz757y8u62a2cayz76c63uahmpwaytf9rprpp5cnjqukctg4 for each contest you want to join.
If you want to join 2 different contests for example, please send 20,840 $PUFF to the above address.

You can buy $PUFF on (Click here) and (Click here)

How can I send $PUFF ?

In order to send a BRC-20, you need to inscribe ( text a transfer OP. IT’S VERY IMPORTANT that you send it to the wallet you have your $PUFF.
Once you received the transfer OP, you need to send that Transfer OP to our address bc1px8kxdmvt34sz757y8u62a2cayz76c63uahmpwaytf9rprpp5cnjqukctg4.
To make your life easier just copy paste the transfer OP below and inscribe it as a TEXT.

“p”: “brc-20”,
“op”: “transfer”,
“tick”: “PUFF”,
“amt”: “10420”

Which are the Prizes?

Prizes will be distributed based on the $PUFF collected at the end of each contest depending on the $PUFF accumulated from the participants.
In addition we will have a Monthly Leadearbord and the top 3 of the Month will receive Special Prizes!!!

All clear! I have sent my $PUFF how can I gamble now?

Go to the lobby here, select the contest you want to join and submit your picks!

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